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Self Defense Classes For Women

I hold “All Women’s Self-defense Classes and RAPE Prevention Seminars” at my Private Gym in Irvine/Costa Mesa by John Wayne Airport and the 405/55 Freeways.

As a part of the self defense classes, you will learn safety tips on how to avoid being a victim of violence – how to escape hair grab, hand grab, shirt grab, and how to a get a person off you if He/She is on Top of you. Call/text 714-580-5399 to get started today!

Women will learn how to Defend against and Escape Rope Strangulation, Escape Zip Ties, Duct Tapes, and Rope around your wrists.

Also, in the Women’s Self Defense classes, you learn how to get out of Bear Hugs from behind and in front of you. You learn how to escape choke holds and strangle. The self defense classes also teach you how to minimize your chance of getting Kidnaped or being Raped in the parking lot alley, college dorm, or even at your home; how to defend and escape against multiple attackers, and much much more!

What do you do if someone car jacks you? Learn how to use and utilize anything around you as a form of weapon to use it to defend yourself. The self defense classes are 60-120 minutes (it depends on the size of the class) and it is a 3 days seminar. It’s $100 per class and this is a hands on training class.

I also offer Dutch Kickboxing at $80 for One on One training, and my personal training services start as low as $35/session. So feel FREE to Call/Text me at 714-580-5399 to get started today!!

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