Strength and Flexibility Training

This program is for you if you want to build strength but without the added size.

This program is for you if you would like to gain some Serious Strength without the added sizes, as well as losing several pounds of fat at the same time. Put on some serious strength gain on your bench, squat, lat pull down, and bicep curl as well. FRF Elite Certified Personal Trainer will teach you the basic stretching techniques so that you will be more flexible to reduce the risk of injury.

Building Strength without adding size to give you that Athletic look require the right type of Resistance training, Strength exercise, and a properly Meal plans as well. FRF Elite Certified Personal trainer will offer a Meal plans, Nutritional counseling, as well as a Workout designed specifically to your goals. Fitness level, body type, supplementation, exercise physiology, and motivation to help Maximize your Results!

1. Fitness Assessment

  • Measure your current fitness level
  • Weight-in for before and after results
  • Body fat analysis
  • Before and after photos

2. Goals Setting

  • What you want to achieve
  • Time and date you want to achieve your fitness goals
  • Detail on how you will achieve your fitness goals

3. Training phase

  • Prepare to gain some serious strength
  • Work hard and watch how fast your strength will increase like Never before!
  • Interval re-assessment and plan adjustment