About the Trainer: Ian Akerson is a Level 2 certified USA Boxing Coach who has been training boxers from beginner to professional. Before entering in the world of Coaching he trained in Muay Thai, BJJ, and Boxing. After several injuries he decided to focus his efforts on the sport of boxing, training extensively in the art of classic boxing under a 3 time golden glove champion. His childhood passion for the sport lead him to be a great coach to fighters of all levels, even those more fitness oriented. When not coaching he still is actively training to compete in the boxing ring.

Boxing Programs

Fundamentals of footwork
Fundamental offense and defense
Importance of the jab
Focus mitt drills
Bag work

Combination punching
Slips and ducks
Counter punching
Ring generalship
Advanced footwork
Advanced punching techniques
Spar Drills

Advanced footwork used for setting up punches
Advanced counters
Advanced Mitt work

Those who wish to compete will be taken to local tournaments to start and build their way up to the more advanced tournaments. Professionals are welcome to contact me to see if my style of coaching is fit for you and your management team.